Lantz Wheeler Is A Highly Respected & Nationally Recognized, Former 8 Year NCAA D1 College Pitching Coach. He Consults 45 NCAA Teams & Professional Pitchers Travel Across The Country Each Winter & Pay Big-Time Money To Utilize This One-of-Kind System.  

Why 45 NCAA D1 Programs (Plus 119 other college coaches) Trust The Pitching Mechanics MasterMind System To Boost Velocity, Build Safe Pitching Mechanics & Develop Elite Pitchers In 1/2 The Time!

Used by over 954 (and counting) Parents, Coaches, Pitchers, 45 NCAA Programs & 11 MLB Pitchers!

FEEL What It’s Like To Boost Your Velocity & Become Your Own Pitching Coach!

Would You Like To Know Why You’re Struggling?  

Of course you would!

Personally, I learned this the hard way myself and finally I lucked up and wised up and quickly realized that most so-called “experts”  do more harm than good!

I coached college baseball for years and I was in the same boat.

I was wasting my time, spinning my wheels and scratching my head until I finally wised up!

I was lucky to discover what I’m going to share with you today.

Because, truth be told, you only get one chance to get it right and it’s gone before you know it!

Don’t You Think Its Time You Stopped Wasting Your Time?

wasting time

testimonial page #1

Before I Reveal Too You How Quickly You Can End Your Frustration, Allow Me To Share A Story With You.

Hey Guys…

My name is Lantz Wheeler, and I am the Founder of Baseball Think Tank & The Pitching Mechanics MasterMind System.

If you would have told me eleven years ago that:

  • 45 NCAA Division One College Baseball Programs…
  • 119 College coaches at various levels…
  • 11 MLB Pitchers
  • Over 900 Coaches, Parents & Pitchers World Wide!

I would swear that you’ve got me confused with somebody else!

To Be Honest, My Career Was Crashing Before It Ever Got Off The Ground Until I Discovered What Would Soon Become The MasterMind System….


I Can Remember Standing There Helplessly Watching, As My Pitcher’s Entire World Caved In Right Before My Eyes & All I Could Do Was Grit My Teeth & Try To Be Supportive!

Every night after the heart-wrenching game, I would gouge my eyes out inside a 14 x 14 dorm room staring at the computer, doing what I thought at the time, was right!

Boy, was I wrong!

Looking back, I can laugh now, but it wasn’t funny at the time.

I hated that feeling that creeped up every time I thought I had found the answer I was looking for only to hear someone tell me I was wrong!

It pissed me off!

How could there be so many experts and every dang one of them have a totally different opinion of what’s right and what’s wrong?

I’ll be honest, I was a college pitching coach and I didn’t have a clue myself.

The more I read the more confused I became, it seemed like each day I knew less than what I did the day before!

Man, I Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between Right & Wrong & I Was Losing Sleep Worried Sick If I Was Doing The Right Thing!

I found myself sleeping through my alarm, angry and pretty soon, I was ready to give up and pass my pitchers on to somebody that knew what they were doing!

All The Technical BS & “Scientific” Information Led Me Down The Wrong Path!

Suddenly, I realized video analysis was useless, unless it was the actual pitcher analyzing the video!

The reason every coach had a different opinion was simple!

They were freaking beauty pageant judges!

I was also guilty of judging pitching mechanics based on my ideal of “pleasing form”!

But you know what?

Your form is your form, not anyone else’s!

I soon found out that no two people move alike, you move differently than anyone else on this planet!

It’s impossible for you to have the same form as anyone else!

Its Why 3 Different Pitching Coaches Tell You 3 Different Things & Why You Are On A Head On Collision With Impending Failure!

Do You Want Scientific Evidence That Proves Why No Two Pitchers Could EVER, EVER Have The Same Mechanics?

Did You Know Its Impossible To Sign Your Name The Same Way Twice?

Yeah, it’s true.  Try it!

So, if you can’t repeat your signature twice…..

How in the heck could you expect to repeat your delivery?  

Better yet, somebody else’s delivery?

Talking about setting pitchers up to fail!

Listen to what one of the top pitching coaches in the country & fellow MasterMind Member, Butch Thompson of the College World Series Runner-Up Butch Thompson has to say!

Unknowingly You’re Wasting Your Precious Time & Burning Every Dollar You Make Hoping To Do The Impossible!

It’s Sad To Say But Most Pitchers Are Better Off Without A “Pitching Coach”!

Nine times out of ten, I can spot the pitchers that take private lessons.

That’s not a compliment.

Would you mind doing me a huge favor?

It will only take a second.

Better yet, can you do yourself a favor?

Forget Everything You Think You Know About Pitching & Everything You’ve Heard!

Because I Guarantee You 99% Of It Is Wrong & Way Over My Head!

Trust me when I say I’ve heard it all and I don’t want to hear it again!

I would probably still be chasing my tail had I not made an accidental discovery that consisted of nothing more than a smack in the face filled with common sense!

What I’m about to share with you is amazingly simple!

I Jumped To The Front Of The Line & Smiled Every Time Someone Asked Me “What In The Heck Are You Doing With Your Pitchers, That’s The Best Staff I’ve Seen All Season!”

In Less Than 5 Years I Went From A JUCO Assistant Coach With One Years Experience To This…

  • 1st round MLB pick
  • 4 MLB pitchers
  • 19 pitchers drafted
  • Two conference Pitcher Of The Year Awards
  • 54 pitchers reached 90 MPH or higher
  • 14 pitchers reached 95 MPH or higher
  • 3 pitchers touched 100 MPH or higher!
  • 1 pitcher featured in Baseball America
  • 2 Minor League Organizational Pitcher Of The Year Awards
  • 1 MLB Organizational Rookie Of The Year
  • Only one pitching injury over this 12-year period


It Was Nice To Be Recognized, But Nothing Takes The Place Of Watching Your Kids Succeed & Knowing You Made A Difference!

“My name is Rex Brothers, I am the closer for the Colorado Rockies. My 3 years spent with Lantz helped mold me into the pitcher I am today. Not only did he challenge me physically, but he gave me the mental skills to pitch at the highest level.  I would highly recommend the Pitching Mechanics MasterMind System!” Rex Brothers, Colorado Rockies - Closer & 1st Round MLB Draft Pick

The Pitching Mechanics MasterMind System is a new kind of approach to pitching.

It’s based on 17 years of coaching experience, 1000’s of research hours and consulting with experts specializing in the field of engineering and human performance.

However, to be honest, none of that matters!

Because the system is 100% based on the individual and it doesn’t require you to be an expert or a genetic prodigy.

It’s extremely simple, eliminates confusion and rids the need for a pitching coach.

 In other words, it goes against everything you think you know about pitching and is, quite simply changing the way pitching mechanics are viewed and instructed!

Would You Like To Know How I Discovered This System & Why It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Figure Out?

There’s a difference between knowing and understanding!

As a dorm director and single dad living in rural KY, you have a lot of time on your hands!

My daughter and I would go into the basketball gym late at night and shoot basketball.

One night while shooting, I got hot and hit seven jumpers in a row.

I was feeling it that night!

Suddenly, I shot the ball and you know what, I knew right away I had missed it!


Because I could FEEL it!

Think about this for a second….

In basketball there’s only one goal, right?

It’s perfectly clear what you’re trying to do.

Basketball supplies you with immediate feedback, its either in or or out, no in-between!

So, take a second and review what’s going on:

  • The body/brain both know what to do, the goal is perfectly clear.
  • You can see the results immediately.
  • If you’ve shot enough basketball, you can feel right away whether the shot is in or out, right?

Do you realize what’s going on here?

You’ve connected your senses.

  • You’ve eliminated any sort of confusion.
  • You don’t rely on someones else’s opinion.

You Know What I Really Learned That Night?

Trust What You FEEL!

7 Reasons FEEL Will Rocket Launch Your Performance On The Mound!

FEEL Is The Body’s Native Language!

  1. Feel can be compared to your internal GPS!
  2. Your body responds to feel for good or bad!
  3. Once your body can FEEL a movement, it become REAL!
  4. FEEL breaks down communication barriers!
  5. FEEL creates an internal MAP and knows its way back and forth based on the feedback!

Are You Ready To….


If You Need Convincing, “SEE” This For Yourself!

Watch This Powerful Video!

neil leadbox

I Want To Share The Story Of Neil Ramirez With You…

Two years ago Lantz Wheeler changed my career. Never before had I worked with someone who has the knowledge of how the body works in the delivery like Lantz. Unlike most pitching coaches, Lantz challenges his players to take ownership of their own careers, to develop their own feels. In my opinion, a pitcher that is able to make his own adjustments is what separates the good ones from the rest. That is what you’re going to get with Lantz. I would HIGHLY recommend the Pitching Mechanics MasterMind SystemIt will change your career and outlook on pitching!” Neil Ramirez, Chicago Cubs

NeilAllow me to introduce to you one of my clients whom was involved in the Matt Garza “BlockBuster” trade this past season.

Neil was traded from the Texas Rangers-Chicago Cubs in exchange for Garza. It was by far and away the biggest trade in the 2013 MLB season.

Let me give you a little background on Neil Ramirez prior to this year. Neil was a 1st round draft pick out of VA and just like you, he was searching for an answer to reach his goal of making it to MLB.

As so often happens in professional baseball, Neil advanced in levels and encountered different pitching coaches along the way. Neil is one of the brightest guys I’ve ever worked with and has an insatiable appetite for learning and finding ways to improve his game. However, Neil often found himself in situations that created “information overload” and he was constantly worried about how his mechanics “looked”.

Neil was going about it all wrong. He spent more time focusing on his form, and his “function” suffered! He was caught up just like you, basing his opinion and “attempting” to shape his delivery patterns based on what others felt were “pleasing” and “ideal”.

After introducing Neil to a different way of thinking. I encouraged Neil to take ownership of his own development and forget about what others thought he should “look like”!  He made tremendous strides and no longer felt the need to focus on what his mechanics “looked like”.

He discovered that his best pitching coach was Neil Ramirez!

  • He quickly learned that the only way to improve and maximize your delivery was by learning to communicate with his internal “super computer” through FEEL!
  • He learned to shape his delivery by getting to know his body and formed a mind/body connection that relieved him from the chains of opinion and propelled him to the top of his game!

The rest is history! Neil was named the starter for AA Texas League All-Star game! Even after suffering an off-the-field injury, he still ended up tied with the lead for the most strikeouts in AA! Guess who he tied with? The guy you met earlier, Nick Tropeano. Instead of me saying anything more, let’s hear what Neil has to say….

I can attest first hand that it works and has great success where other “traditional” methods just don’t get the job done.  Now he tells me when he is doing something wrong because it doesn’t FEEL right long before I can pick up that there is an issue. Keep up the good work!! Bruce Davidson, Nashville, TN - High School Parent
His easy way of teaching how to use the entire body, tempo, and intent to throw hard resulted in a 6 mph increase over Keegan’s personal highest recorded velo.  I was sold, but what impressed me most was my son’s ability to FEEL adjustments, once he discovered that, He Became His OWN PITCHING COACH right in front of my eyes! Greg James, DeSoto, MS - High School Parent
One critical building block inside the Pitching Mechanics MasterMind System is the ability for the athlete to recognize how to make and FEEL adjustments.  It allowed my son to FEEL what pre-game and in-game adjustments needed to be made.  Results? My son has won three Cy Young recognitions and has gone from a 2 inning pitcher to a full game pitcher.  Gary Ferguson, Brentwood, TN - High School Parent

The $1,000,000 Question You’ve Never Been Asked!

$1,000.000 Question: What Type Of Learner Are You?

The 3 primary methods for learning:  

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetic.

Baseball relies on movement and unless you can FEEL the movements happening, you don’t stand a chance!

Inside This Video Will Be The Most Powerful Information You Will Ever Hear, In Fact, It’s So Powerful, You Will FEEL Like You’re Cheating!

Imagine How Quickly Your Problems Would Disappear If You Could Operate At A 90% Retention Rate!

The Solution You’ve Been Searching For Is Right In Front Of You!

1.  If you coach 20 pitchers in the room using the same cue such as “stay back”, its possible that “stay back” could be interpreted 20 different ways!  Cues create confusion!

  • What does “stay back” mean to you?
  • How long do you stay back?
  • What part of your body stay’s back?

Stumbling Block #1:  Whenever feedback or instruction is not crystal clear and the pitcher is confused, the confusion will appear in the form of inefficient movement or labeled as “un-coachable” or “un-athletic”.

Solution:  The cue has to originate from the pitcher, not the coach!

2.  Video analysis is dominated by the instructor’s opinion or perception of what he views as “good mechanics”.

  • Ask 5 pitching coaches what they see and you will get 5 different answers, right?
  • How does this help?
  • Video analysis is only useful when the player can attach a feel or a cue to what he sees!

Stumbling Block #2:  The magic to pitching mechanics is found inside the movement.  Video analysis values form over function which sets the pitcher up for failure, setbacks and injuries!

Solution:  The pitcher must watch the video himself, attach a feel to what he sees and then describe the movement in his own words if he ever hopes to make video a clear form of feedback!

3.  Teaching pitchers to FEEL is the clearest form of communication between player/coach.

  • If I told you the stove was hot, you wouldn’t know how hot until you touched it, right?
  • After touching the stove you would know understand my definition of “hot”.
  • In fact, if I asked you to re-touch the stove, you would make your own adjustment to keep from being burnt again, right?  

Stumbling Block #3:  There is no stumbling block to FEEL because it originates with the pitcher!

Solution:  Encourage pitchers to trust what they feel!

Are You Ready To Clear The Confusion From Your Head & Fast Track Your Development?

It’s Time To Turbo Charge Your Velocity, Utilize Your Entire Energy System & Accelerate Your Development As An Elite Pitcher!

Part 2 Of The MasterMind System Introduces You To Innovative Drills That Are 100% Unique To Your & Only You!

  1. Here's where you apply what you learned in Part one to actual pitching mechanics!
  2. You will learn how to create a feel for every movement inside the pitching delivery.
  3. You will discover 36 drills and videos plus 4 ebooks totaling over 100 pages covering the science of pitching mechanics!
  4. You will realize how to make very small adjustments to make HUGE gains in a very short time!
  5. More on all of this in just a moment!

You Will Be Blown Away At The Changes Happening Right In Front Of Your Eyes & Know Exactly How To Connect Your Delivery From Head To Toe!

Do You Ever Get Frustrated When Someone Points Out What You Do Wrong But They Don’t Tell You How To Fix It?

Has Anyone Ever Told You That Your Velocity Suffers Or Your Arm Hurts Because You “Throw With All Arm?” 

Let Me Guess, They Told You This But They Weren’t Sure How To Fix It?  

  1. Finally, you will understand what it feels like, to use your entire body from your toes to your finger tips to throw the ball!
  2. You will learn how to use your legs to create a high caliber, powerful delivery!
  3. You will understand and know exactly how to generate more power with your hips!
  4. You will see quick velocity jumps and a reduction in arm pain!
  5. You will develop high-level pitching mechanics in a very short time after you learn how to feel the movements found inside your pitching mechanics!

Most Programs Highlight Positions & Key Points, The MasterMind System Understands The Magic Is In The Movement!

FEEL The Increased Benefits Of Linking The Entire Body To Increase Velocity & Reduce Unwanted Stress On Your Arm!

Discover How To Use More Than Just Your Arm!

  1. You will be amazed to learn how to use your hips and why they are the primary contributors in velocity, injury, direction and momentum!
  2. You will learn how to associate a critical feel for the body separating at the hips and shoulders.
  3. You will discover how to generate and connect momentum from the toes to the finger tips!
  4. You will discover how the arms work together with the chest and back to deliver the baseball in a powerfully efficient manner!
  5. FEEL the increased benefits of momentum, tempo and rhythm and what it FEELS Like To Become Pain-FREE!

Watch This 2:32 Video & I Will Give Your A First-Hand Look At This Famous System In Action!


You’re Just Minutes Away From Becoming Your Own Pitching Coach & Pitching Mechanics MasterMind!

  • How to influence your arm to move faster with less stress!
  • Why 75% never reach their velocity potential!
  • Why your arm is at the mercy of your hips and how to use that knowledge to your advantage!
  • How to build a delivery that’s 100% unique to you!
  • How to create hand speed using your lower body!
  • How to use your glove side to throw harder!
  • Why barefooted drills are exactly what you need!

Become Your Own Coach After & Never Look Back!

Imagine How Much Better You Will Be Once Your Pitching Mechanics And Video Analysis Isn’t At The Mercy Of Someone Else’s Opinion!

  1. You will know exactly what to look for and how to correct even the slightest flaws that are killing your velocity and stressing your arm.
  2. You will have a crystal clear understanding of your pitching mechanics and make adjustments on the fly!
  3. You will be able to analyze your own pitching mechanics!
  4. You will become a pitching mechanics expert and quickly shorten the learning curve!
  5. You will never, ever need another coach, instructor!

It’s About To Get Fun Again!


Attn:  You Don’t Have To Be A Genius, A College Coach Or Possess A PhD In Pitching Mechanics To Thrive In This System!

  • You’re only job is to set a simple clear movement goal!
  • Its useless for you to analyze video because if the pitcher doesn’t FEEL it, it doesn’t matter anyway!
  • Your job is to ask questions, not give answers!
  • You don’t have to comprehend the pitchers cues because they only need to make sense to him!
  • Every pitcher is 100% unique so there is no such thing as perfect mechanics, quit searching for them!
  • It’s impossible for you to ever repeat the delivery twice the exact same way, so quit worrying about it!
  • The player is responsible for establishing “HOW HE DOES IT”, he doesn’t need to know “How YOU Did It!”
  • You don’t need to know any “special drills” because there’s no such thing, the pitcher’s intent makes the drill what it is!

The Pitching Mechanics MasterMind System Is A Membership Site That Allows You To Take The System With You Anywhere You Go!

Want a sneak peek?  See for yourself why this is the most in-depth, organized pitching system ever created!


Take A Look At The Amount Of Quality, In-Depth Information You Will Have Access To For The Rest Of Your Life!

Pitching Mechanics MasterMind System Membership Library: $299 Value

Unlimited Access to over 35 Streaming Videos - You have 100% total access to the streaming video library and it can be taken with you to the field and viewed on your smart phone. This is a highly focused collection of over 35 videos each 3-5 minutes long and consisting of over 90 minutes of detailed, easy to follow instruction. Unlike other videos, we go straight to the meat and potatoes with no wasted time. You can watch and listen to me coach the pitcher through every drill and activity. I can say with certainty that this video collection will be like nothing you’ve seen before. The information contained is state of the art and cutting edge. The instruction is so detailed you will get the impression of it being a private lesson.

  • Chapter 1: Details How To Connect The Lower Body With The Arm Inside The Last 5-10% Of Your Delivery
  • Chapter 2: Covers In Great Detail How To Maximize The Use Of The Chest & Back!
  • Chapter 3: Details The Importance Of Separation, Explosive Hip Rotation & How To Connect The Upper & Lower Body To Create Power & Transfer Momentum!
  • Chapter 4: Covers The Most Critical Movement Patterns Inside The Velocity Equation, THE HIPS!
  • Chapter 5: Details The Importance Of Rhythm, Tempo & Symmetry Between The Upper & Lower Body!
  • Chapter 6: Explains How To Create Early Momentum Early In Your Delivery & Why This Stage Alone Could Make Or Break Your Mechanics!

I Left No Stone Unturned! 

You Will Also Receive 4 Jam Packed e-Books To Reinforce The System & Provide You With A “How To Guide!”

Take A Look For Yourself At The Detail! 

Common Flaws ebook

handbook ecover

Pitching Mechanics MasterMind System Handbook:  $59 Value

This handbook details the system step by step and will answer every question you have now or in the future. It’s jam packed with 28 pages and includes 5 chapters highlighting everything you need to know!

  • Chapter 1: What Type Of Learner Are You?
  • Chapter 2: 7 Facts About Your CNS That You Must Learn To Create Your MAP!
  • Chapter 3: 4 Levels Of Awareness That Must Be Questioned!
  • Chapter 4: The Power Of Immediate Feedback & Deliberate Practice!
  • Chapter 5: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due.

how to shape your program ecover

How To Shape Your Program & Identify Common Flaws Value $99

This handbook is your tour-guide through the video chapters. Each of the 30+ videos include and outline and explain the WHAT, HOW & WHY for each clay drill demonstrated. Inside each chapter I went the extra mile to teach you exactly what to look for and why. It’s extremely simple and contains ground-breaking information that will transform your career and 100% totally rid your dependency on outside pitching instruction!

Pros dvd Ecover

Bonus #2: Pro’s Working The System $49

You will gain an inside look at exactly how top MLB prospect Neil Ramirez uses the system. Neil was the starter in the AA All-Star game this year and is considered one of the top power arms in baseball.

5 movement patterns ecover

Bonus #3: 5 Movement Patterns You Must Master! $29 Value

Highly regarded strength trainer, David Ray lays out the importance of five critical movement patterns inside the game of baseball. This video is worth it’s weight in gold!

The total value of this membership is $727, but today you can get your Lifetime Membership for the one-time fee of…


Before I will even let you see the price, I want you to know…. 

The Pitching Mechanics MasterMind System is the Best Pitching Program ever released and its unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

I don’t want you to buy it if you’re just looking for a self assuring “guarantee”… no thanks!

I’m so confident it works, there is NO Money Back GUARANTEE!

Best Ever Pitching System, EVER????  How Can I Make A Guarantee Like That?

Because Only  .000134228% Of The Over 700 Members (Back in the day when I did offer a guarantee) Have Asked For A Refund!  Allow Me To Share With You The Only One That Did…

MB Guarantee

I’m Handing You My Personal Playbook & Sharing With You Everything I Know!

lantz wheelerI’ve trained thousands of pitchers of all ages from across the country over the past 10 years, from little league to MLB pitchers.

Every bit of information you will find inside has been personally tested by myself and 1’000’s of others, time and time again. I’m giving you all the information that I’ve compiled in that time period.

This program provides you with a crystal clear plan and lays out an easy to follow system that even 9U kids can master!

P.S: I personally guarantee you will learn more about pitching than most will “Never” learn in a lifetime! Guys, this system is cutting edge and it’s used by Big Name Players & Coaches for one simple reason! It WORKS!

Unfortunately, This Program May Not Be For You!

  • If You Are Lazy & Expect Someone To Hold Your Hand & Do The Work For You!
  • If You Aren’t Willing To Hold Yourself Responsible Or Accountable!
  • If You’re Not Open To New Ideas & Stuck In Your Old Ways!
  • If You Are Looking For A Magic Pill That Doesn’t Require Drenching Sweat Soaked Days Or Hard Work!
  • If You Just Hope To Show Up & Go Through The Motions!

I Just Want To Be Upfront With You Because My Reputation Is On The Line & I Don’t Want Your Parents To Waste Their Hard-Earned Money!

If You’re Willing To Accelerate Your Development & Finally Become The Pitcher You’ve Always Known You Could Be, I’d Like To Personally Invite You To…